Mobile Dentistry

Mobile Dentistry is Finally Here!

Dentulu is the world’s leading Mobile dentistry app and it is revolutionizing how patients find new dentists.
Mobile Dentistry

What is Mobile Dentistry?

Mobile dentistry or Concierge dentistry is a revolutionary new way to get the dental care you are looking for without ever leaving your home. Mobile dentistry is enabled by the Dentulu Mobile Dentistry app which patients can download to find a mobile dentist nearby. Mobile dentistry helps millions of patients around the world get access to dentistry outside of the traditional brick and mortar dental office.

What are the benefits of Mobile Dentistry?

Mobile Dentistry has many benefits and is not only supported by the American Dental Association but it is also heavily promoted by them. This is why Dentulu Mobile Dentistry has been named the world’s first Uber for Dentistry. Here is more:
Mobile Dentistry can help bring access to disabled patients who cannot travel to the dental office as easily as others.
Mobile Dentistry can also help bring dental work onsite directly to the workplace through the Dentulu Teledentistry application.
Mobile hygienists can travel to your home, nursing homes, hospitals, and even to the beach to clean your teeth with the use of the Dentulu Mobile Dentistry App.


How much does Mobile Dentistry Cost?

Mobile dentistry varies from state to state but is often very affordable when compared to the cost of losing several hours of work stuck in traffic. It is also safe for the elderly who want to stay away from dental offices during Covid-19 pandemic.
Mobile Dentistry
Mobile Dentistry

Does Dental Insurance Cover Mobile Dentistry?

Most dental insurances cover mobile dentistry and mobile dentists and mobile hygienists are happy to verify your dental insurance for mobile dentistry eligibility and give you a quote before they come to your location through the use of the Dentulu Mobile Dentistry application.


Mobile Dentistry

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Dentulu’s award winning dental app helps patients find trusted, licensed, and available dentists in their area “On Demand.” Dentulu also offers Dentists a variety of enterprise solutions to help them run their practices more efficiently and productively.

Uber-like Concierge Dentistry

Do dentists make house calls? Absolutely! Search Dentulu for mobile dentists and hygienists to come to your location of choice.

24/7 Emergency Dentists

Licensed Emergency Dentists are available anytime & anywhere you may need them. Connect with an emergency dentist open now on Dentulu.

Prescriptions On Demand

Antibiotics & Pain medications can be sent to your pharmacy electronically within minutes. Get the help you need when you need it most.

Dental Second Opinions

Get second opinions from professional, credible, and neutral board certified dentists from the comfort of your home.

Shop Dental Products

Browse and shop the best dental products from around the world at the lowest prices guaranteed. Dentist approved and recommended.

Patient Education Videos

Watch and learn from professionally made patient education videos made by dentists to teach patients about important dental topics.

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